Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are You Up For The Challenge?!

One of the reasons I am so excited about being on a team is for the inspiration and encouragement. I love the idea that all these different people are all over the world doing creative work! It is so validating and uplifting!
I know there are painting groups and writers' groups that have regular structured tasks (like one painting a month or one poem a week) to keep them on their game. So, I thought it would be fun to have periodic challenges where we all make something on a particular theme and share them on the blog or in our etsy shops with a common tag. There will be no judging or prizes - everyone is a winner. It is just for fun and exercise.
The first one is a theme that I just threw out at the first virtual meeting: Alice in Wonderland.

Here are the rules (I am making them up as I go along):

1. comment on this post if you intend to do the challenge
2. make something or things inspired by the theme
3. you have one month to complete and photograph it (and post it in your shop if you feel satisfied with the outcome. If you don't want to post it you can just send the photos to me {}). Maybe we can do a flickr set of all the photos too.
4. share in the fun of seeing what people come up with

If you have questions or other themes that you want to suggest, leave a comment on this post. I hope we get a good response and that it stretches our creativity.

Here is a link to some illustrations and a little background information on Alice. The photo at the top is from this link.
Thanks - Sheila


  1. I'm in~ sounds like Fun!
    but HOW do you post it here?

  2. Hi Amber,
    you don't post it here. you post it in your etsy shop with the tag "alicechallenge"; or you can send it to my etsy convo with an attached photo or photos. I was thinking I could put them together in my poster sketch feature, screen shot, and post as a collage on this blog. Also we can post a flickr stream. I'm not sure how to do that so maybe someone else can explain or set up that.

  3. Count me in! Now, where is my copy of Alice in Wonderland?

  4. Me too! Now I have to think about it. Anyone else looking forward to Tim Burton's Alice? He actually is a great source of inspiration to me.. ;)

  5. I'm in and yes, I can't wait to see Tim Burton's version.

  6. yipppeee! I love challenges :)

  7. I'm in....this fits right in with my style. I'll go change the tags on some items already created in this style, and have some new ones coming out of the kiln in the coming week or so. Thanks! - Deb

  8. Not a clue how to go about this.. but count me in!

  9. i'm in too! ~ i already have an idea, it popped into my head last thing last night when i was trying to sleep ~ i had to stop myself getting up that minute to start it... ;)

    as for flickr ~ we could add them to the existing pool but just tag them with 'alice challenge' too... :)

  10. i'm in! the wheels are already in motion....:)

  11. YAY!! can't wait to see all the cool creations!

    Who else is in? ......