Sunday, March 7, 2010

Postcards From Home #3 - By Corrieberry Pie

Hi there! It's Corrie, of Corrieberry Pie. I live in Durham, NC with my husband, son...and weirdo dog (see Photo No.2). We love Durham, but being from New Orleans, the winters feel waaaaaay too long to us. I'm a sundress girl and have been counting the days 'til spring since January 1st!

Photo No.1 - my son Judah and his mouse beckoning me to come play instead of work.
Photo No. 2 - previously mentioned weirdo dog, wild little Judah, my work desk and favorite window that looks out at...
Photo No. 3 - my dogwood tree! I think I'll bake a cake and do a little dance when it blooms this year. :)


  1. So fun to see your surroundings and your sweet charming son and dog! I love dogwood trees. We used to have a pink one in our yard in Eugene. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. What an adorable little boy and such a cute pup. So nice to see a little slice of peoples lives!

  3. that second photo is amazing! I love it.:)
    nice space:)

  4. I love your 'postcards', Corrie.. your son is a sweetheart, your studio is lovely, and the view from there... well, I'll be thinking of you when the dogwood blooms!

  5. Your pics are gorgeous Corrie and your son is just adorable (so is your pup!)- we had a dogwood like yours in our front yard until an ice storm a few years back- but it brought us alot of joy while we had it- so I can totally understand your happy dance when it blooms!

  6. My little daughter has the same mouse! And those are wonderful pictures, Corrie.