Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Postcards From Home #9 Milly from Cutiepie Co.

This week we have Milly from Cutiepie Company! We get a little glimpse into her life in the Bronx. I can't believe the snow!! Good thing the models aren't there at Bryant Park!
Thanks for sharing with us! I think your dog should have a staring roll in your next movie!

1. That's me with my beagle, Hunter, in Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY this past fall (photo by J. Corporan)
2. Me again, Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, fall (photo by J. Corporan)
3. I took this photo under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, while at work (that's a vintage movie camera we were using)
4. Bryant Park, NYC, this winter during the most recent blizzard
5. Bryant Park again, in the morning under a blanket of fresh snow.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Creative Inspiration

Today marks the maiden voyage of "Creative Inspirations", a biweekly post exploring the very things that inspire artistic minds and the handmade work created. Today's inspiration comes from Julie of Le Pied Leger. Please read on and enjoy Julie's inspirations.

I personally learned the “quit your day job” lesson in a small mexican town, Oaxaca. I used to make stuff since I was a teenager but Oaxaca showed me I could make handcraft as a living. I settled down there for 6 months at a very decisive moment of my life (when EVERYTHING was possible!) and I became totally soaked with this age-old amazingly rich handcraft culture. Here is a little sample of what I was surrounded by:

It was a pretty decisive place on my path because that’s where I met my boyfriend, Alvaro (he's from Uruguay), who was also living from his handcraft. We travelled all around Mexico, selling our craft, and got to a magical place in Guatemala called Lago Atitlán. Well, this was and still is THE most inspiring place that I had the privilege to know on this earth. I could show you a similar richness of handcraft but I prefer you to have a glimpse of the place:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Postcards From Home #8 - Peggy from the BeadAerie

Maybe we should all get a glass of wine, sit back, and relax while we read about Peggy's town! Thanks Peggy for sharing these views with us! ...

Hi - it's Peggy from theBeadAerie! I live in California's central valley in a little unincorporated town called Woodbridge, but we're literally a stone's throw from Lodi's city limits, so I've chosen to 'send a postcard' from there! It's all about the wine here - we're surrounded by vineyards in all directions, and every week or two it seems there's a new boutique winery popping up. The Lodi appellation has become quite widely known throughout the country and perhaps beyond.

First photo: A typical vineyard this time of year. The vines are just starting to leaf out, but by September they'll be enormous and heavy with fruit.
Second photo: To celebrate Lodi's centennial in May 2006, the Walldogs, a group of 50 artists from all over the U.S., descended on the city and painted 9 wall murals throughout the downtown area over a whirlwind weekend. The murals depict the city's history - this particular one commemorates the early 20th century custom of electing a Queen Zinfandel each year at the annual Lodi Grape Festival. (yes, there's still a Grape Festival each year, but no queen)
Third photo: A recently erected bronze sculpture called 'Celebrate the Harvest' by area artist Rowland Cheney stands at a prominent spot on School Street in downtown Lodi.
Fourth photo: My son and daughter are grown and both live in the city (San Francisco), so Buster, my 12 year old kitty, gets way more affection than he'd like! My husband, Bob, snapped this photo.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Art of Display - Hangers

Welcome to the first post dealing with the art of display. With these bimonthly posts I hope to share the various creative ways which we display our artful creations, either in our home, or in our photo shoots.

Today I'm happy to share a wonderfully simple, yet very effective display idea that Corrie, of Corrieberry Pie came up with.

When faced with the challenge, (due to pregnancy) of no longer easily fitting into the white dress that she wears when modeling her creations, Corrie did some creative thinking and solved the problem by transforming plain plastic coat hangers, into something charming and special. These fabric wrapped hangers now have a clean, sweet, vintage vibe that works in perfect harmony with her white backdrop dress and beautiful creations.

Corrie shares on her blog exactly how she worked her hanger magic. See here for the how-to.

Hangers also make a great way to display small quilts and other textile works.

I used a vintage wooden coat hanger to display this stitched piece titled Hunting Season that I embroidered onto an old lead shot bag.

By adding some text to the hanger, it became not just a way to display but an integral part of the whole piece.

And in regards to probably the most famous words ever uttered about the common clothes hanger, "NO WIRE HANGERS, EVER!!" supposedly spewed from the mouth of Joan Crawford and made infamous by Faye Dunaway's over-the-top portrayal of her in Mommie Dearest, I completely disagree!

Just look at how beautifully this humble wire hanger works to display this adorable child's dress, made by Birdie Handmade.

I cannot think of a more suitable way to show off this simple and sweet outfit.

So here's to the versatile hanger, whether it be wood, metal or plastic, it's always easily available and ready to serve. xo


I'll be back in two weeks with another 'Art of Display' post. If any of you team members would like to share the creative ways in which you display, either in your own home environment, or in your photo shoots, please feel free to send me your ideas and photos, I'll be sure to link back to you. Thanks! Victoria (Silly BooDilly)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Team Treasuries

Every Friday I will post team treasuries. If you would like yours posted on the blog, please send me a link to your treasury, or a screen-shot. If you send a shot of the poster sketch, we can see all 16.

Amber Alexander's team treasury was featured on the front page yesterday!!! Thanks Amber, go team!

The olive green one was made by me. Jude McConkey made a nice one as well, but unfortunately it expired before I got a screen-shot.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creative Challenge #2 - Mothers' Day

Hi everyone! I hope you all had fun with the Alice challenge that we did last time! I think the results were "wonderful"!
This time I would like to do a more general theme. Hopefully, it will be easier to get done faster, and more people will do it.
Here are the instructions:
make something inspired by the theme "Mothers' Day"
finish it and post it in your store by May 1st (that's 2 weeks from now)
be sure and tag it "acchallenge"

After May 3rd, I will make as many poster sketches as I can out of the total entries and post them on the blog. We can all make treasuries and post them on etsy.

So dwell on the maternal for a while and put your creativity into action!

The image at the top is from an etsy seller Amanda Blake. Her store is called This is All I Know.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Postcards From Home #7 - Jen of Quench Metalworks

Hello! This is Jen, the person behind Quench Metalworks. I live in rural and woodsy South China, Maine with my husband, daughter, and two rambunctious dogs.

I have to admit that I wished to delay my postcard submissions until the green came back to our wintry state. However, April 1st brought some much needed sun after a week of rain and lured me outside to tend to my waking gardens with a camera in tow. Green and pretty my land is yet to be, but the jonquils and poppies are sprouting up and that brings us much joy after a long, cold winter.

The photo of my bench captures its midday clutter. I clean and organize before sitting down each day, but the mess of tools rebuilds rather quickly.

My daughter is the center of our lives. Feisty, opinionated, charming, and precocious....she is a Leo to the core.