Monday, April 19, 2010

Art of Display - Hangers

Welcome to the first post dealing with the art of display. With these bimonthly posts I hope to share the various creative ways which we display our artful creations, either in our home, or in our photo shoots.

Today I'm happy to share a wonderfully simple, yet very effective display idea that Corrie, of Corrieberry Pie came up with.

When faced with the challenge, (due to pregnancy) of no longer easily fitting into the white dress that she wears when modeling her creations, Corrie did some creative thinking and solved the problem by transforming plain plastic coat hangers, into something charming and special. These fabric wrapped hangers now have a clean, sweet, vintage vibe that works in perfect harmony with her white backdrop dress and beautiful creations.

Corrie shares on her blog exactly how she worked her hanger magic. See here for the how-to.

Hangers also make a great way to display small quilts and other textile works.

I used a vintage wooden coat hanger to display this stitched piece titled Hunting Season that I embroidered onto an old lead shot bag.

By adding some text to the hanger, it became not just a way to display but an integral part of the whole piece.

And in regards to probably the most famous words ever uttered about the common clothes hanger, "NO WIRE HANGERS, EVER!!" supposedly spewed from the mouth of Joan Crawford and made infamous by Faye Dunaway's over-the-top portrayal of her in Mommie Dearest, I completely disagree!

Just look at how beautifully this humble wire hanger works to display this adorable child's dress, made by Birdie Handmade.

I cannot think of a more suitable way to show off this simple and sweet outfit.

So here's to the versatile hanger, whether it be wood, metal or plastic, it's always easily available and ready to serve. xo


I'll be back in two weeks with another 'Art of Display' post. If any of you team members would like to share the creative ways in which you display, either in your own home environment, or in your photo shoots, please feel free to send me your ideas and photos, I'll be sure to link back to you. Thanks! Victoria (Silly BooDilly)


  1. I really like your article on hangers. I've used the humble give-away plastic skirt hanger for my bright Kaffe Fassett fabric peg (clothes pin) tidy. Take a look.

  2. Like most, I also use skirt/trouser hangers to hang up various quilt blocks that I'm trying out as well as stitching work in progress. Which means that I now have too many of such hangers everywhere!

  3. A very inspiring post Vic! I enjoyed how you covered all forms of the hangers. I think this is my first visit to this blog. Nice to have found it :)

  4. oh, i absolutely love Corrie's hangers! my wardrobe is full of those plastic ones so i think i shall be 'prettying' them up asap... :)

    great post btw, i'm looking forward to more inspirational ideas, thank you!

    emma x

  5. Hm. Almost making me come around on wire hangers. I believe it's the combo of dainty cotton and oxidized metal.

    Great examples!

  6. Terrific little quilt on the vintage wooden hanger.

  7. that little dress is precious :) and Hunting Season" is adorable!

  8. Inspiring display ideas, along with lovely photos. Great post - thank you!!

  9. That's a great idea for the hangers, and those pictures look great!!

  10. Really loved this article and am looking forward to more .. I need ideas for my jewelry for shows, etc. Thanks so much!

  11. The look of this article was so wonderful and the ideas were inspiring! Thanks so much! I once wrapped a whole chair in fabric strips but I never thought of covering those ugly plastic hangers! now I will try it!

  12. Thanks for the post Victoria! (and for featuring my hangers!)
    LOVE Hunting Season, and I have had my eye on that sweet little dress for quite some's just adorable!
    Thanks again!