Monday, April 26, 2010

Creative Inspiration

Today marks the maiden voyage of "Creative Inspirations", a biweekly post exploring the very things that inspire artistic minds and the handmade work created. Today's inspiration comes from Julie of Le Pied Leger. Please read on and enjoy Julie's inspirations.

I personally learned the “quit your day job” lesson in a small mexican town, Oaxaca. I used to make stuff since I was a teenager but Oaxaca showed me I could make handcraft as a living. I settled down there for 6 months at a very decisive moment of my life (when EVERYTHING was possible!) and I became totally soaked with this age-old amazingly rich handcraft culture. Here is a little sample of what I was surrounded by:

It was a pretty decisive place on my path because that’s where I met my boyfriend, Alvaro (he's from Uruguay), who was also living from his handcraft. We travelled all around Mexico, selling our craft, and got to a magical place in Guatemala called Lago Atitlán. Well, this was and still is THE most inspiring place that I had the privilege to know on this earth. I could show you a similar richness of handcraft but I prefer you to have a glimpse of the place:


  1. wow.. stunning place! Very interesting - it would be wonderful to live in a place such as this.. you sound like you have a very rich life :)

  2. Wow! This is fantastic! That lake does look magical! Good for you for diving in to the culture and the path of handmade! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  3. Wow--beautiful images and such an interesting life!

  4. What an amazing tapestry of inspiration you must experience on a daily basis! Beautiful photos - both the panorama of Lago Atitlan, and the colorful collage of handcrafted items. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Yes, I am very grateful for all the inspiring places I went through on my traveller's life.
    Now, I've been living a sedentary life here in Montevideo, Uruguay, for the past 6 years. I'll send a post card from home soon.
    Because it's a real pleasure to share!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this Julie- it is beautiful and inspiring!