Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Postcards From Home #8 - Peggy from the BeadAerie

Maybe we should all get a glass of wine, sit back, and relax while we read about Peggy's town! Thanks Peggy for sharing these views with us! ...

Hi - it's Peggy from theBeadAerie! I live in California's central valley in a little unincorporated town called Woodbridge, but we're literally a stone's throw from Lodi's city limits, so I've chosen to 'send a postcard' from there! It's all about the wine here - we're surrounded by vineyards in all directions, and every week or two it seems there's a new boutique winery popping up. The Lodi appellation has become quite widely known throughout the country and perhaps beyond.

First photo: A typical vineyard this time of year. The vines are just starting to leaf out, but by September they'll be enormous and heavy with fruit.
Second photo: To celebrate Lodi's centennial in May 2006, the Walldogs, a group of 50 artists from all over the U.S., descended on the city and painted 9 wall murals throughout the downtown area over a whirlwind weekend. The murals depict the city's history - this particular one commemorates the early 20th century custom of electing a Queen Zinfandel each year at the annual Lodi Grape Festival. (yes, there's still a Grape Festival each year, but no queen)
Third photo: A recently erected bronze sculpture called 'Celebrate the Harvest' by area artist Rowland Cheney stands at a prominent spot on School Street in downtown Lodi.
Fourth photo: My son and daughter are grown and both live in the city (San Francisco), so Buster, my 12 year old kitty, gets way more affection than he'd like! My husband, Bob, snapped this photo.


  1. Peggy, your photos are making me miss California. It's so green and pretty!

    Are those blue eyes I see on Buster? He's so handsome! Thanks for sharing your wine country postcards. You live in a very beautiful and inspiring place!

  2. Great to meet you, Peggy! Quite a place to live! Greetings from the East Coast :)

  3. Nice to meet you Peggy, (and Buster!)
    Such a beautiful area to live in, thanks for sharing!

  4. Your area looks so soothing and peaceful... great to see you (You are beautiful, by the way!) Cute kitty, too. :)

  5. HI Peggy! Wonderful postcards you have sent us!

  6. What a beautiful, peaceful place to live! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic postcards. Love the photo of you and Buster. :)

  7. It's a pleasure to meet you Peggy (and Buster, of course! I'm also a cat lover...)!
    Lodi surely looks like a great place to live!
    Greetins from the south hemisphere,

  8. Hi Peggy- These are beautiful- thank you for sharing them and I agree with Jude- you are gorgeous!

    xo- Cat (uncorked and polarity)

  9. You guys are the best - thanks for all the wonderful comments!
    I do feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area.
    And now I'm looking forward to meeting more of you through these fabulous 'Postcards from Home'!

  10. beautiful! I would love to live there! :) congratulations