Monday, May 31, 2010

Art of Display - Hardware

Hardware makes me happy. The older the better...

The handle of a vintage tool becomes the perfect display apparatus to showcase this powerful and striking ring made by Quench Metalworks.

Ring Nickel Cone with Citrine

Four rusty nails create a simple, yet beautiful display area to showcase the refined elegance of this ring created by tinahdee.

Rustic Brass Twist Stacking Ring


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Postcards From Home #11 - Patchwork Postcards

This week, since I didn't have any submissions, I decided to go through the member list and put together a montage of "postcards". I know the images might not be precisely what each person sees, but I think it is cool to see the broad spectrum of places that we live!

Sorry the images are so small but if you click on it you can see much better on the zoomed version!

So, go through and try to identify each place and see if you know who is from where or if you can tell which one is your city. I hope you enjoy it and next week we will have some new photos from one of our members.

(I didn't put the links but all of these fabulous images are from ETSY, found by searching the city or country names)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Creative Inspiration: Leaves

With hundreds, perhaps thousands, of textures, patterns, shapes, and colors, leaves are one of nature's most accessible and profound ornaments. It is no wonder why so many of us creative types find inspiration in the leaf.

Nancy from White Earth Studio draws inspiration from her hostas in her own garden. Her bowl above mimics the hosta leaf's gentle tear drop shape, smooth edge, and repetitive veins. She graciously offered photographs of her garden above.

And even more divine examples of leaf-inspired works from the Artisans Collective!

Hooray for the leaf and its inspiring form!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Art of Display - Dressing Dummies

Many years ago at a country auction, I scored this vintage cloth and cast iron dressing form for a mere $12.50. I remember that I had wanted one in the worst way and was thrilled with my find, but driving home that night, along the empty back roads, I managed to get myself pretty spooked as I kept catching glimpses in my rearview mirror of the headless form perched behind me...

Having grown up watching The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and Night Gallery, my imagination was pre-conditioned to run wild, and on that dark and long drive home in my old GMC van, I pictured the dress form coming to life and rendering me unconscious, (or worse) and whispering, "So who's the dummy now, sweetheart?"

Happily, no such thing happened and Esmeralda, (as I later named her) has proven to be a good, (albeit quiet) companion, and she is super-duper when it comes to displaying wearables!

Below are two lovely examples found from team members who have used dress forms to display their beautiful work...

Textile Necklace nO.313 from kjoo


Rococo Shawl from Tickled Pink Knits

If you are interested in having a dress form to display your wearables, new models are always for sale and vintage ones can still be easily found, often at reasonable prices, in the local flea and antique markets. (Note: you may want to purchase these vintage ones in the daytime!) Ebay is also a great place to find them, and I have also seen some listed on Etsy.

And if money is no object then check out this vintage White dress form from Factory 20...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postcards From Home #10 Sheila from Shecological (me)

Here is a small sampling of some scenes of my indoor and outdoor life. Hope you like it.

A view from up on the mountain just north of town.

This is me at the County Fair. There is a local Navajo family in the background.

This is a street in the historic part of town

This is a tassel-eared grey squirrel on my back fence - they are common around here.

This is a picture of my sewing studio/workroom

This is a picture of my living room when I had to move my studio out there so we could paint and get new carpet.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Creative Inspiration: Amber Alexander

Happy Monday! Here's the next installment of Creative Inspirations. Today, Amber Alexander shares the inspiration for her charming paintings (to see a bit more of Amber's world, please click here).

I am inspired by animals and nature.
The other night, we saw a fox hunting in the next field over. You could barely make her out because the color of her fur was so close to the color of the hay in the field...ochre/apricot with black tips.
This scene inspired a painting.

On another day, I may decide the same fox should be having tea...
something about the idea that the same fox that is hunting for rodents in the filed one night, and wearing a gown and having tea the next,
really gives me a kick!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Challenge

O.K. everyone... I know you are all busy thinking about your mother's or about being a mother, or both. I know you all have been working diligently on your challenge pieces, but, like me, you probably haven't had a chance to photograph it yet, or you didn't put the "acchallenge" tag on it ... or maybe it already sold!

Anyway, Jen from Quench Metalworks was the only one whose item came up when I searched for the challenge pieces. YAY Jen!!! It is gorgeous too!!! So I just went through and did a search of the tag "thehive" and came up with this mother's day collection. I hope you like it. If you have a piece that I missed, let me know and I will post it a.s.a.p. And, Happy Mother's Day this Sunday to all you mom's out there!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Art of Display - Multiple Groupings

When it comes to display, one of the best ways to create visual impact is by displaying multiple, similar objects grouped together. Below are some lovely examples of multiple groupings that I came across while looking through our members Etsy shops:

Design your Own from eclu

lottie - vintage rose pincushion from emma lamb

Plant Markers from Deb Babcock

Embroidered Inspiration Apples from La Pomme