Monday, May 10, 2010

Creative Inspiration: Amber Alexander

Happy Monday! Here's the next installment of Creative Inspirations. Today, Amber Alexander shares the inspiration for her charming paintings (to see a bit more of Amber's world, please click here).

I am inspired by animals and nature.
The other night, we saw a fox hunting in the next field over. You could barely make her out because the color of her fur was so close to the color of the hay in the field...ochre/apricot with black tips.
This scene inspired a painting.

On another day, I may decide the same fox should be having tea...
something about the idea that the same fox that is hunting for rodents in the filed one night, and wearing a gown and having tea the next,
really gives me a kick!


  1. Amber, your wonderful illustrations absolutely delight me!

  2. I love foxes and the scene of it rushing through the field is so magical! Thanks for this post!

  3. Amber, your paintings never cease to delight and amaze! I love your little fox having high tea.. it just strikes a chord with me.
    Thanks for sharing!