Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postcards From Home #10 Sheila from Shecological (me)

Here is a small sampling of some scenes of my indoor and outdoor life. Hope you like it.

A view from up on the mountain just north of town.

This is me at the County Fair. There is a local Navajo family in the background.

This is a street in the historic part of town

This is a tassel-eared grey squirrel on my back fence - they are common around here.

This is a picture of my sewing studio/workroom

This is a picture of my living room when I had to move my studio out there so we could paint and get new carpet.


  1. hi Sheila! Beautiful mountain view!

  2. Hi Shelia! Such a beautiful view and a really wonderful picture of you at the country fair!

  3. Shelia, Beautiful location and good luck with all your painting and new carpet.

  4. Sheila, Thank you for sharing a little slice of your paradise!!! I would be up on that mountain all the time!!!

  5. Sheila, that first photo looks like a painting... beautiful view!and I think that squirrel looks half bunny.... :)
    thanks for sharing a little part of your world.

  6. I love these pics, Sheila.. I feel like a 'know' you a bit better!
    That first image is amazing - and not at all what I'd expect to be in Arizona.
    Thanks for sharing! : D

  7. Love the squirrel. I love Arizona, you captured the variety well.

  8. Fabulous Sheila... glad I finally get to see what surrounds you (especially you!