Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Postcards From Home #11 - Patchwork Postcards

This week, since I didn't have any submissions, I decided to go through the member list and put together a montage of "postcards". I know the images might not be precisely what each person sees, but I think it is cool to see the broad spectrum of places that we live!

Sorry the images are so small but if you click on it you can see much better on the zoomed version!

So, go through and try to identify each place and see if you know who is from where or if you can tell which one is your city. I hope you enjoy it and next week we will have some new photos from one of our members.

(I didn't put the links but all of these fabulous images are from ETSY, found by searching the city or country names)


  1. Love this little "Post~Card" collection!! We are such an Awesome Global Team and I wish I could go and visit All of these fabulous places! Thanks Sheila!!
    :) Kristin

  2. Hey! I love this! Very good idea of yours, Sheila!
    I love the diversity of this team!