Monday, June 28, 2010

Art of Display - Produce

When photographing my table runners, one of my favorite things to add to the arrangement is produce...

a lovely bowl full of fresh fruit, or a couple of ripe tomatoes as shown above, is often times the perfect prop to compliment the work.

Below are some lovely examples of this simple and effective idea that I found while searching our talented team...

Berry Bowl on Leaf by Blue Sky Pottery

Poppy Tea Towel-Organic Linen by madder root

Plate, Porcelain, Pottery, Green, Hosta, Leaf by White Earth Studio


  1. I really love the produce added to the product makes it fresh...and looks lovely in treasuries!!! (lucy)

  2. I agree with Lucy about the freshness .. excellent article :)

  3. yes, it adds freshness and life to it, organic life. I love this!

  4. this is unbelievably wonderful!! these photos are so crisp and the fruit makes me feel like the items are real and down to earth!! Great post!