Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kiva - Giving Feels so Good!

Kiva is a fabulous organization! Their mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. This is accomplished by individuals like you and me making loans in $25 increments to individuals around the world. You choose who you lend to - a basket weaver in Cambodia, a seamstress in Peru, a goat herder in Uganda. When the loan is repaid you can loan it to someone else. What a powerful and sustainable way to empower people to escape poverty!

Because we believe so strongly in Kiva we started an Artisans Collective lending team on Kiva. We loaned $200 in our first day! The pictures above are a few of the loan recipients. (Click on their photos to see how they plan to use their loans)

Join us if you can. Collectively we can make a difference!

Artisans Collective


  1. Thanks to the team, I just joined and made my first loan to Zebo, a seamstress and mother of 3 living in Khujand, Tajikistan. Zebo needs her Kiva loan in order to buy fabrics, so that she can continue to sew and sell the dresses that she makes. The money she earns as a dress maker enables her to afford her children's education.

  2. I want to thank the team for reminding me to do this. I have planned to join Kiva for some time but, as you know..time slips away! I feel humbled to read about the little amount people at Kiva are requesting for help! Being able to give is really a Blessing for both sides.

  3. Yes, it really does feel good, to know that collectively we can really make a difference to these people. I just joined also, and made my first loan. It was really difficult to decide who to lend to, I wanted to add them all to my cart.

  4. My heart just swells to think of the human connection here. We can reach out to people all over the world, not only helping them, but increasing the collective love, humanity, and positive energy in the world. To me, this is a big part of what life is about! Thanks for posting this story.