Monday, July 12, 2010

Art of Display - Body Beautiful

When wearables are concerned, the human figure is a natural choice. Below, from head to toe, are 4 lovely examples of using the body beautiful to display your goods!

Heart To Heart - genuine chrysoprase and gold necklace by Sharon Clancy Designs

Organic Bamboo Braided Collar with Side Bow by Isla New York

Jewel Red Satin Skirt by LarimeLoom

Purple and Jade Laced Guillerminas by le pied leger


  1. I love seeing jewelry and clothes displayed on human models. I have a hard time imagining jewelry on myself if I can't see how it falls on a human. :)

  2. I totally agree with Amber. I would hardly buy some jewelry or clothes if I can't see it on a human model. To me it's a must! :-)

  3. Those humans, they bring a warmth and personality to the pieces themselves. They reach out to the shopper, and if they're on Etsy they are likely looking for that connection. Well done!

  4. Nicely done Victoria...thanks so much for using my photo, I am flattered!