Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team Challenge - Bees!!

I am so excited about the results of this challenge! I love every single thing that I saw! Also, I feel like each of these pieces could be the symbol/icon/logo for our team! The bees work together, they are focused on their mission, they work with beautiful materials, and they produce something sweet and wonderful! I hope you enjoy looking over these items! Thanks to everyone who took part!

Here is a cool wine cork necklace from Cat at Uncorked!

Lucy Snowe presents a dream-like image of the bee in the garden in this beautiful photograph!

I love this urban, stylized version of the bee silhouette on this necklace from Lisa Hopkins!

The fruits of the bee's labor is honey and what a beautiful way to store and serve it in this honey pot by dbabcock!

What a perfect message on these sandals by Le Pied Leger! The fun bright colors are perfect for Summer!

This stunning photo by Jude McConkey highlights the work ethic of our little mascots!

This amazing necklace from Peggy at The Beadaerie looks like it is dripping with honey!

And here is a gorgeous, earthy one from Sharon Clancy Designs that is full of vibrance and light!

There are a few more entries that are going to have to wait till next time so if anyone else has something let me know or tag it "acchallenge" and I will post it.


  1. These are all BEEutiful! Ha, someone had to say it. I love seeing challenges like these, different interpretations on the same theme.

  2. Wow! Seeing all of this amazing talent and creativity leaves me buzzing with excitement!

  3. Thanks for posting these Sheila. It's so fun and inspiring to see what everyone has done with the challenge. I love them all!

  4. wow! this is amazing to see all the different versions, visions... I particulary love Jude McConkey's picture! it's so beautiful!

  5. Good work!! I love them all, especially those BE sandals!

  6. I love these challenges because they are not only fantastic in content, but great for my soul - they make me work on something I might not ordinarily do! Lovely to see so many beautiful variations on the theme :)

  7. This is so great! I love the Lucy Snow photo esp!

  8. Everything is so beautiful Sheila! The Be Sandals are just totally amazing!