Saturday, August 7, 2010

Team Challenge - Ellen!

A few years ago, Ellen Degeneres came to my lowly home town of Flagstaff, Arizona! One of her fans asked her to come and she did it! She arrived in some of the worst weather we have ever had - pelting rain and wind - and while she was great at making a joke of it, I think she was truly terrified! People here still laugh about it. She was such a good sport and has such an unpretentious way about her. As a lover of animals, a champion of kid geniuses, a crazy dancer, a charming talk show host and a hilarious comedian, people all over the world love Ellen!

So, for this latest challenge let's try to create something inspired by some aspect of Ellen. As usual, we will post the results at the end. But in addition, this time, we will be putting together a gift basket to send to her at the show.

As usual, the challenge is for whoever wants to participate. Also, you can choose to participate and send a gift or not. It's up to you and it's all for fun and inspiration! So let's see what we can come up with to salute this amazing, creative woman!

Remember to tag your item "acchallenge". If you are not sending it but want to sell it, please have it posted by August 31st. If you want to send it along in the basket, just send a photo to me and I will post it with all the participant results. (We will work out the details of sending the basket later and via the yahoo group.)


  1. I love Ellen and I'm looking forward to participating. What a great way to salute a wonderful humanitarian!

  2. I'd like to participate, but am a little stumped!

  3. I'm stumped, too!! it's been so busy but I HAVE to get something created this week. I don't want to miss a challenge! I may have to study more what Ellen is all about :)

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