Monday, October 25, 2010

Creative Inspiration: Halloween

I agonized over what inspiration I would write about this week... birds, owls, linen, ocean. Nothing inspired pun intended. Then I looked around our home. Aha! Halloween. The perfect inspiration for this time of year.

The origins of Halloween date back to the ancient Celts. They believed (and many cultures do still) that the veil between the living and the spirit world becomes very thin this time of year....making the trip back home easier for the dearly departed. Homes invited those spirits in for the evening while scaring away unwanted spirits with masks and costumes. Originally, jack-o-lanterns were carved turnips left in windows to scare away troublesome ghosts as well.

In my home, I create altars for my grandparents so they can find their way back. A photograph of the wanted spirit, a candle to light the way, a favorite flower, a plate of food, and glass of a favorite libation, all left at a north facing window. Do they come? I'd like to think they do.

Our present day Halloween has morphed into a parade of costumed kids and buckets of candy. Still, there is the mystery of the night, the darkened afternoons, ghost stories, haunted houses, candle-lit pumpkins, and the unexplained bump in the night.

Have a spooky Halloween!


  1. great post, and I adore that old photo!

  2. Great post! Halloween used to be my favorite day of the year. The most creative day, when people get costumed and decorate their house with spooky old things. I loved that atmosphere! Here in Uruguay halloween arrived just a few years ago, but it's Spring time and really not spooky at all! :-D

  3. one of my favorite times of the year ... and as most people can tell when they look at my work - a time that inspires me EVERY minute of the year ;)

    excellent post.. :)

  4. great pics and post Jen- we get almost no kids at our door anymore no matter how scary I make the house and I really miss those days!

  5. We're picking up our pumpkins for carving, and digging out the scary movies tomorrow. Thanks for getting us in the spirit ;)