Monday, October 11, 2010

Creative Inspiration: The Night Sky and Stars

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day" ~ Vincent Van Gogh

The dark night skies have been brilliant in these parts. I benefit from living far away from the glow of city lights that can impede proper star gazing. Sometimes a simple evening stroll with the dog can turn into an hour long astral observation. Orion's Belt, Pleiades, and a bright Jupiter are among my favorite celestial bodies in this sea of inky blue blackness. I often search for a faint bead of light, so faint that I lose it from time to time, moving quickly across the sky. These are man-made stars... satellites...zipping around our planet.

shirt by Blackbird Tee
garland by Maisy and Alice
pendant by Lulu Bug Jewelry
print by Cathy Nichols

Without question, stars and the night sky have inspired artists, poets, composers, and the like for centuries. A vast boundless frontier full of mystery and wonder, the evening sky constantly transforms and never bores the observer.

The next chance you get, meander outside on a fine October evening, pull up a chair, and tilt your head back. Be prepared to be dazzled, humbled, and perhaps even inspired.


  1. This is a great thought Jen! At about 7000 ft above sea level the stars are very dense and bright. I like taking time to look at them and to just feel the quiet of the darkness.

  2. Great inspiration Jen! Hubby and I were walking and looking at the sky last night- very calming - then the bats started diving around us- they were as small as my thumb, but still spooky - very appropriate this time of year though!

  3. Jen...Wonderful inspiration. I'm waiting for the Harvest Moon!! Don't know when but will try to find out! Thanks for reminding me to look up!

  4. Great post--I need some inspiration! I shall star gaze tonight!

  5. Excellent and poetic, Jen..

    I grew up and lived in a big city until I was 28 years old with 3 kids (and one on the way). Then my husband moved me to where he grew up and all I could hear at night were the frogs and crickets and all I could see were the stars. I was amazed at how bright they could be.

  6. Such a wonderful Van Gogh quote, and a great post to go with it ;)