Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Favorite Tool/Creative Process

What do I mean by that? We all know there are certain parts we look forward to doing as we work our art/craft, and there (sometimes) are parts that are more of a “I want to get done with this so I can get to the good part” moments: the proverbial “middle stuff” of our work. It could be the use of a certain tool or it could be a time when you are feeling the flow of your creative juices most. Whatever it is – we want to know about it!

This blog theme will run every other Tuesday and I decided to start with my "favorite" to clarify what I mean. I even let my husband take a photo of me – but just what I directed. NOBODY takes photos of me but me! And I use a heavy hand in photo shop ;)

Although I love the manipulating of photographs, colors, overlays in photo shop, my favorite tool AND creative process is the actual taking of the photo. Of course, I adore my camera – a Canon 50D – which rocks in so many ways, especially in that it cleans its own sensor. The best part, though, is when I hold the camera up to my eye and see what I want to shoot.

And no, it’s not what others may see. It’s what I see in my imagination through that lens. Someone asked me once where I get my ideas for photographs when I look at ordinary, every day things. My answer is that I don’t see the ordinary - ever.

It may be due to a childhood of too many daydreaming sessions, or a belief in faeries, but this world is filled with wonder. It’s there for people to see if they just look.

Below is a photo my husband took of me shooting the line of crosses in an old cemetery this past Sunday. 

 and the end result:

 Never Alone

Finally, a photograph I took a few minutes later. I was excited about the fog and had to be told by my husband to NOT park in the middle of the road and to "please, for the love of  GOD put the car in gear first!" as I tried to leap out of the car in my eagerness. I bring him because he’s practical and I kind of have a one-track mind. This photograph  is a perfect example of what I see when others see just a foggy road. My daughter said “It looks like a path to the after life.” And that's the thing - my photos can be anything you want them to be - as long as you use your imagination..

The Silent Path


  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite part, Jude. My husband used to tag along with me for the same reason - a second set of eyes. Many times I'd have my camera glued to my face and I would hear "Um, hon, your're in the middle of the road." Or "People are trying to get by, hon." Good memories. :-)

  2. Wonderful post, Jude!
    I am such a fan of your work... your eye is magical.

    (The bit about your husband is a hoot! I just let mine drive while I shout "Stop, stop, I want to shoot that! He in return very patently explains to me, for the 1,000,000 time, that he can't just stop with some big SUV on or rear.)

  3. gorgeous photos and wonderful post! Thanks so much!

  4. Love this Jude..as always.....LOVE your
    beautiful photos..and my husband does same thing....only he keeps driving..and I have to yell "PULL OVER!"

  5. Thanks for sharing! Really looking forward to this series of posts.

  6. Excellent new post, Jude! I look forward to other's favorite tools/ processes!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your process Jude, I'm a real fan of your work, you have that magic look over things! Or maybe I have a bit of the magic eye too and looking at your pictures reminds me of it! :-)