Friday, October 29, 2010

The Trend is our Friend (until it isn't) Friday

Just the word "trend" can sometimes irritate me because it sounds so fleeting and fragile and throw-away and something that I am always finding out about when it is over.

So instead of doing this series about just colors and specifics although I will throw them in, too, we will also look at the big picture things that kind of envelope the smaller stuff that comes and goes more quickly.

Big Picture Trend 2011 - Cooltural - cool, cultural
(coined by David Report)

As things get more and more impersonal and homogenized - what people are craving are things that are more and more personal and more connected to their surroundings and their history.

(Do we really want to visit a new city and have our morning coffee in a Starbucks - the same coffee we can get in any other city? Or do we seek out the local barista who may just be a guy named Sam in a dirty apron who has never even heard the word barista, but who just feels more real and local and connected to this new experience.)

This trend is very real and going to be around for a long time because consumers (I hate that word unless we are talking about groceries, but it is kind of appropriate here) want to experience the real thing and not just buy things mindlessly anymore, at least according to forecasters and I really think they are right with this one.

This is great news for us as smaller makers best able to incorporate our local culture and personal history into our work!

Small Picture Trends 2011 - Snakes and Butterflies (and I am thinking our favorite of these two trends tells alot about us, so I am including a poll on the left!)

Butterflies - think movement and color and wings and ruffles
Snakes - think scales and geometrics and texture and snakey colors

(and yes, you can totally use the word snakey in your next game of scrabble, just offer up this post and not an actual dictionary as proof of its wordiness)


  1. I hope that trend continues to grow. Food, arts and crafts are so much more rewarding/enjoyable on the local level. There's always a story behind each one (instead of, "yeah, I bought this at Wal-Mart"). Nice post!

  2. I hope the planet is "trending" towards health and enlightenment in the long run and it always feels good when trends are towards positive, optimistic things. I do love the fashion trends too! Thanks for posting this! I voted. :0)

  3. Cat this is a fantastic post!

  4. Really interesting, Cat.. :)

    I have to say that I think a huge trend is in handmade. I can't tell you how many people I've met in my smallish town who have heard of it! And I've directed those who haven't to the site - they were just amazed.

    I totally agree with the "personal" side of it - needing it in this very impersonal world.

    great post :)

  5. Great post Cat! I hope this trend of buying things with a personal/handmade touch continues.
    and I'm definitely using snakey in my next scrabble game-Christina

  6. I'm with you the word "trend" ... but it's a step up from "fad".

    2011, if the trend forecasters are correct, sounds like an exciting year.... minus the snakey thing. Personally, not a trend I'll be following :)

  7. Thanks Cat, very interesting read!
    I want to vote for butterflies! Are we actually voting or this was a joke? :-D