Monday, November 8, 2010

Creative Inspiration: Paper

Look around your work area right now. I'm 99% certain your are sitting next to some sort of paper product. A sketchbook, yesterday's Sunday newspaper, dated magazines, notepad, vintage steno paper, October's calendar, old lists on paper scraps... this is what I'm seeing in my own kitchen office. What I should see is the potential of the old paper... the stuff that is bound for the recycling bin.

Paper tends to be on the disposable side of things. When you are done with it, you toss it in the trash or in with the recycling, right? However, others see the beauty in old paper and give it a second life. Torn, battered edges, old text, crumble textures, yellowed by the years... paper qualities vary greatly beyond the neat, clean, flat sheets we see in reams and publications.

Check out these incredible works utilizing waste paper products:

Get inspired, pull some paper out of the recycling bin, and see what you can create with yesterday's news. You may just surprise yourself.


  1. I'm always blown away by what people can create with the humblest of materials. Fabulous!

  2. I should have added this link above.

    This is an old chum from college. He does fan-freakin-tastic collages with magazines, etc. Really very cool.

  3. Excellent post, Jen.. I love the idea of re-using our paper to create beautiful things!

  4. I can never throw anything away! It is validating to see junk/waste paper put to good use! amazing skill all around. Thanks for this.