Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Tool/Creative Process - Karl of Half Pint Salvage

This week’s Favorite Tool/Creative Process comes from Karl of Half Pint Salvage who creates uniquely-original, eco-friendly and household items using vintage, salvaged and recycled materials. I asked a few questions and Karl gives us a bit of insight into his work. 
How did you start your craft?
I always envisioned my space looking a certain way, but could never really find creative household items that matched my design aesthetic. So out of necessity, I started creating those items myself. One fateful morning, while shopping at the local Goodwill, one of my first creative breakthroughs took place. Instead of seeing solely discarded possessions, I began to envision these items as materials, ideas and projects. Suddenly a whole new world took shape. I painted old picture frames, upcycled wooden furniture and used vintage finds to fulfill my storage needs. But the seedling (of what has become Half Pint Salvage) really sprouted when I found a vintage 80's television, still encased in its original wooden cabinet. I gutted the tube and it's attachments, painted the exterior, added a few internal shelves, attached a vintage window and presto--it became my new (and current) television stand.

More and more crafty projects would follow. And what at first was a part-time hobby, slowly became a full-time passion.

Half Pint Salvage studio space

Retro Eights-inspired Mini Chalkboard

Favorite tool/process? Why?

My favorite tool is simple: my paint brush. A paint brush is a magic wand for the upcyclers and recyclers of the world. You can take the nastiest, gnarliest piece of wooden furniture and instantly transform it in to a living room masterpiece. Plus, painting is such a visually rewarding process. And the routine of painting can be so relaxing; somewhat meditative too. Even better still, gratification through painting, is a fairly quick process. Typically, I round up 7 - 10 items that I want to paint, pick a couple stylish colors to use, lay on some paint layers and within 48 hours, my projects are on their way to hopefully being the new conversational piece in someone's home.

key racks in the process of being painted

Bicycle Themed Key Rack

 To see more of Karl's unique and wonderful work, visit his shop at Half Pint Salvage. Thanks Karl!


  1. I love the way you find inspiration in everyday items, many that have outgrown their usefulness. (also very impressed by how tidy your work area is!) ;)
    Your creations are wonderful - thanks for sharing a bit about yourself!

  2. great post Karl- I ruined my favorite paintbrush through sheer laziness once and have never gotten over it ...