Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Postcards From Home #16 Half Pint Salvage

Todays postcards are from Karl at Half Pint Salvage. As you can see, from the cool buildings and gorgeous skyline in the last photo, Karl lives in Seattle. We also get a look at the inside workings of his shop. Thanks Karl!! It is so fun to see you (if that is you) and Seattle!

My apartment. I actually saw this apartment (and dreamed about living there) about 2 years before I ended up actually moving in. See, dreams do come true!

Our work studio. We have a great space--with a view...albeit of the parking lot.

Inside the studio. Organized chaos is my design aesthetic.

My wall of tools. Everything I need is always within arm's reach. If not, it's most likely in a strategic pile on the floor (and still technically within arm's reach).

Seattle, via rooftop deck in Queen Anne, circa 2004. This may or may not be me. You'll just have to come visit and find out for yourself!


  1. Very cool pics! Karl- you look uber organized with that tool wall- it is nice learning more about you!

  2. Thanks for sharing Karl! I LOVE Seattle... what a grest place for inspiration. And, that pile of yours within arm's reach... I've got one too on my bench :)

  3. Great post! Love the look of organized chaos- isn't that trending for spring?
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great shots! I love seeing where people live and their studios...if that is not you on the rooftop who is it?? (lol)

  5. super cool!!! your apartment building is beautiful.

  6. He neglected to photograph the inside of our apartment, which has slowly transformed into a halfpintsalvage/blackbirdtees/all-things-etsy museum ;)

  7. I was just up in Seattle last month. I guess I missed my chance to solve the mystery of who is on the roof. Thanks for doing this Karl!

    Who's next? email me

  8. really interesting and great to see your workspace and great apartment :)