Friday, November 12, 2010

The Trend is Our Friend Friday

In our last trend poll, we voted we were more likely to incorporate the butterfly trend into our work than the snake trend.

(I should note my dream dictionary lists both as symbols of transformation)

Big Picture Trend 2011 - Rationaissance - rationalism marries renaissance (coined by David Report)

For this big picture trend think stylish, iconic and functional; think of the things that last - the things that will represent our current times far into the future and maybe even still be around.

Think timeless, streamlined and subtle for this one.

Small Picture Trends 2011 (from TrendStop) - Paint by Number and Rope PatternsThe paint by number trend is all about empty places - this could be missing puzzle pieces, negative space, etc mixed with a little nostalgia.

The rope pattern trend could be a bit western or a bit nautical or a bit something else but still needs to be presented in fresh ways that we haven't seen before; macrame from the 70's probably won't cut it.

paint by number - somethingshidinghere, cocoperez, norajane, numbers iconic toilet paper rope - tutublu, anthropologie, pottery barn, threadbareapparel top picture - tickledpinkknits

Don't forget to take this week's poll and let us know which small picture trend you might be more likely to incorporate into your own work.


  1. I like the idea of the empty space in design! For my own continuous struggle with my wardrobe, I love the idea of rationaissance!! "Stylish, Iconic, Functional" that will be my mantra! Thanks Cat!!

  2. Cool! Some of these ideas I am still trying to wrap my head around!

  3. I'm all for the timeless, streamline and subtle!
    Thanks for great info and ideas!

  4. This is very interesting! I love anything Renaissance related. the rope pattern thing is something I will be thinking about.
    Thank you for this.