Monday, December 6, 2010

Creative Inspiration: Snow

It wasn't difficult to find motivation for my blog post this morning. When dawn broke, I took a look outside to see the world covered in a dusting of white. Here in the northeast corner of the United States, we are having our first snowstorm of the season. The temperature is 29 degrees Farenheit and the white stuff is coming down at a steady pace.

Snow and snowflakes are a wonder. The natural beauty of a single snowflake boggles the mind.... how does water form into these 6 sided crystallized, symmetrical marvels? I'll leave the science to the experts and will always admire snow with childlike fascination.

Snowman mischief

chicken prints


  1. Fantastic!! Makes me love the snow - not THAT far of a leap, really, but great photos none the less.

    I'm working on some wire snowflakes in the style of 1900s linen cord snowflakes. All the seasons are pretty inspiring :)

  2. We got a about a foot of inspiration up here today. I think I prefer the photos.

  3. Jen..this is amazing..How do your chickens like the snow? Mine are hiding out!!!! Thanks for going to all the effort to post....
    Wishing you all a lovely (hopefully Busy) Holiday Season!!! :)

  4. Really beautiful work everyone..and love the snow man!!! and chicken tracks! :)

  5. The photo of the snowflakes are truly beautiful! Thank you :)

  6. I used to practically cry every time winter hit. I hate snow and I hate the cold. I really just want to sleep all winter like a bear.

    But when I started doing photography I realized that it was beautiful to shoot.. and I started looking forward to winter scenes and the snow that falls down slowly.

    Excellent choices you have.. I love the snowman photo!

  7. Thanks everyone! Lucy, the chickens do not like the snow..... I dutifully shoveled an area for them yesterday so they could forage around a bit, but they followed me back to the house and sat by the door for the afternoon! I think they know it is warm and snow-free in the house.

  8. beautiful post and beautiful work everyone! Thanks Jen!

  9. I'm not a huge 'snow person', but these photos are stunning.. makes me want to take a trip to the mountains and build a snowman!
    Thanks Jen! :)