Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Postcards From Home #19 Nancy from White Earth Studio

Thanks to Nancy for sharing this beautiful part of the U.S. with us! Another AC team member who lives on a National Wildlife land! I am sure they have snow by now so we also get a little glimpse back at summer and fall! Enjoy and leave comments!

I live just outside of Onalaska , Wisconsin, (Sunfish capital of the world) , Population 14,000. Our home and my studio are built on the banks of the Mississippi river. We are on a National Wildlife Refuge so are really amazed to watch all the migrating Eagles, Great Blue Herons,Pelicans and all kinds of Ducks. I never seem to get used to the beauty of it all. Also tons of racoon and ground hog and possums that get into the garbage, the sweet little things.

My Home and the Maple tree we planted 5 years ago.

View of the back of our house from on our Pontoon boat while out fishing this summer.

View from my studio window. That is the Mississippi river and on the other side is Minnesota.

Me in the studio cleaning up Thousand Petal vases. I dressed up for the photo by removing my wrist and elbow braces !! Too many years of repetitive motion! Take care of yourselves!


  1. Fabulous to read about you! Beautiful area :)


  2. What a wonderful setting on the Mississippi River! I'm on the Missouri River and my view is over the river to Nebraksa! It's so nice to see where you live and make your beautiful work! Best...Patti/MissouriBendStudio

  3. How absolutely gorgeous!!! How inspiring for your work! thanks for sharing..I love this feature! :) Lucy

  4. Thanks for the post! What a lovely area- and I'll remember the tip that taking my wrist braces off will make me more dressed up (oh the tortured hands of an artist)