Friday, December 17, 2010

The Trend is Our Friend Friday

In our last trend poll, we voted we were more likely to incorporate the rope trend into our work than the paint by number/missing pieces trend.

Big Picture Trend 2011 - (by David Report)

RESPONSIBIZ (responsible business)

The keywords for this trend are holistic, sustainable and ethical.

This trend isn't about greenwashing but integrating social responsibility into the soul of business. "The types of products and services we will see more of in the future will more visibly benefit both humans and the society at large." (

This is a trend that small designer/makers can embrace when we make educated sourcing decisions for our materials, create long lasting work, work with recycled and upcycled materials and packaging, pay ourselves a living wage and educate our customers about our practices.

Small Picture Trends 2011 from Trend Bible - Figurative characters - think embroidery, string art, watercolors and strong linear interest
Small Picture Trends 2011 - Natural Neons - think about combining natural elements like wood, glass, metals and fibers with bold, bright neon color

1. wire cups 2. in a pale place 3. marysgranddaughter 4. esthercoombs 5. corporan glass 6. wren willow 7. Trend Bible 8. lulu bug jewelry and the gorgeous vase top right from white earth studio incorporating another Trend Bible 2011 standout from the London Design Festival - white textured ceramics.

So for this week's poll we are asking if you would be more likely to incorporate figurative characters or the neon/natural combination into your own work?

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  1. Cat..thanks for posting.....I would NEVER know or think about any of these is so interesting....lovely examples too! :)