Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tea Time- Sourdough Starter

A few weeks ago we posted how to make sourdough doughnuts. One of the ingredients was a cup of sourdough starter. We thought it might be a good idea to come back to this ingredient and show how to make a sourdough starter because it can be used in so many recipes. There are typically three ways to get a starter. The easiest way is get a cup from someone who already has a starter. (This is great especially if you can get your hands on a really old starter which has a lovely flavor, I had a wonderfully old starter which I carefully tended until it exploded on a plane-but that's a whole other story). You can also take approximately 1 cup of the leftover water from boiled potatoes and put it in a glass jar. This starchy water will attract natural yeast that is floating around in the air. Feed the potato water a Tbsp of flour a day. Within a few days you'll see bubbles forming and smell that distinctive yeasty smell. (This is the most traditional method and if you have the time is fun way of getting a starter going). The third method is to take 2 tsp of yeast, 2 cups of flour, and 2 cups of water- mix them all together and wait overnight.
The next day you'll have a bubbling happy starter.

There are lots of different theories on how best to keep your starter going. Generally if you don't use it everyday it's best to keep it in the fridge and feed it 1/2 a cup of flour and 1/2 a cup of water once a week.

If you do keep it out on the counter it really should be fed twice a day. 1/4 a cup of flour/water in the morning and again at night. However this means you'll have to use 1 cup of starter up a day to not be over run with starter. So bread, doughnuts, pancakes, chocolate cake, english muffins, waffles,bagels, muffins, carrot cake cupcakes, pizza crust, etc.
Well I better get back to baking- Christina


  1. Thanks Christina- I was wondering about the starter and I love the idea of having something on my counter that I have to 'feed' twice a day, a bit terrifying, but I love it! Now I know I am making the donuts!

  2. We've split the sourdough starter between the two of us, so stay tuned for more sourdough recipes for tea time. It's good in cakes, donuts, bread, pancakes, pizza crust...all sorts of yummy stuff!--Janyce

  3. Wonderful to find your recipe - I tried sourdough bread ages ago but it wasn't that good and kind of put me off trying again. But now, with your splendid selection of recipes, I'm going to give it another go.

    thank you!!

  4. Came for the sourdough, but had to comment. I love your flour scoop!

  5. There is something about sourdough bread that I just LOVE. I always make my Sourdough bread with starters from Sourdough's International, never disappointed with what they have!